About the project:

Self-welfare is series of self-help recordings to be listened to before, during or following various anxiety inducing situations that state benefit claimants find themselves in, from compliance interviews to filling in online claim forms, from waiting in line to be processed to Work Capability Assessments. Hypnotic voices will lead listeners through a series of exercises featuring mystical visualisations, affirmative chanting, and counter-hegemonic evidence to counteract the current demonisation and scapegoating of the "shirking" class.

Further Information:

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Listen to the work here:

It can also be downloaded here (opens external webpage) This audio artwork was commissioned by Giving in to Gift as part of If You're Not Paying... a project that interrogates the internet's relationship with generosity. Four sound works have been made and distributed for free online for a specific group of people to listen to in a specific situation, time or place. With thanks to Tim Jeeves, Vic Dadson and Barry Han.