About the Tent City University:

During the Occupy Movement, in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, an encampment of protesters occupied the area around St Paul's Cathedral to protest the City of London, the cancerous heart of an unsustainable, undemocratic and unjust economic system. The occupation lasted throughout a bitter winter, 16 October 2011 - 28 February 2012. Tent City University was one of many social enterprises organised by the inhabitants to enrich the lives of the temporary community and to engage a wider public in the movement and it's discourses, a temporary teaching and learning space in which to share knowledge and develop skills through a wide series of workshops, lectures, debates, films, games, praxis and action.

About our project:

On Sun 20 Nov 2011 we lead a drawing session at Tent City University, working with artists and non-artists to explore ways of documenting and responding to the activity at Occupy LSX. It was our aim that the format of the session would allow people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to engage with the protest for an afternoon, to input energy and ideas and contribute to the active and enduring visual record of the Occupy movement.

Many thanks to Diane Guyot who produced the short docuemtary seen here, and to all who participated on the day.

Further Information:

-Visit Occupy London
-Visit Diane Guyot's website
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