About the event

In May 2017 we contributed to Momentum's Take Back Control event at Kala Sangam in Bradford.

Momentum is a grassroots campaigning network of over 20,000 members and 150 local groups which evolved out of Jeremy Corbyn's 2015 election campaign. Momentum's latest project Take Back Control is a series of events organised by local activists in areas often ignored by the political establishment; each event will be a mixture of talks, workshops, skill sharing sessions, gigs and cultural activity. Take Back Control was programmed before Theresa May went back on her word and called a snap general election, so it is with a renewed sense of urgency that these events attempt to galvanise the left, thinking critically and collectively to reclaim the future from the clutches of corporations served by a mercenary and largely aristocratic political class.

Saturday 6 May, 2017 at Kala Sangam, St Peters House, 1 Forster Square, Bradford BD1 4TY

About our project

For Take Back Control in Bradford we staged our own protest by assembling a collective of child activists who, although frozen in time, put forward a number of (seemingly bizarre) demands for the future. These demands adapted traditional protest slogans about work, labour and organising to attempt to keep apace the rapid changes that automation is bringing to the workplace, and to move towards conceptions of post-capitalism. Conservative estimates predict that over the next 20 years 35% of jobs in the Western world are subject to replacement by robotic technology and Artificial Intelligence leading to much debate about conditions of life in the 'post-work' society of the future. Whether this automation benefits the few or the many will be determined by the political landscape and so we must all struggle to become its architects or become victims of our own evolution.

This project has been developed through an artist residency at the University of Bradford's Gallery II Arts Lab programme examining automation and the distribution of resources.

Further Information:

- Visit Take Back Control
- Visit the Gallery II website