About the project

La Lutte Continue evokes a time in the near future in which the system of wage labour has been abandoned due to increasing automation and the mobilisation of an unlikely alliance of artists, interns, Workfarers and other unpaid workers, who have come together to fight for the total decommodification of labour.

Archive footage, sound, and reworked slogans from the Paris uprising of May 1968 are interspersed with choreographed actions performed by a mother and her two children amid a bleak post-industrial landscape, while the mother delivers a triumphant victory speech to an imagined gathering of revolutionaries.

The work was made in part to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Paris Uprising of May '68 and has been shown as widely as possibly throughout the year.

Featured events

Who Can Afford To Be An Artist?: Strategies for Survival May 2018
La Lutte Continue was made in response to the themes of this event which continued the debate on artists' precarity and how this affects the lack of diversity in the arts.
The World Transformed, Liverpool September 2018
The video was shown outdoors as a video installation in a derelict car, presented as a wreckage from a protest, as part of this 4-day festival of politics, arts and music.
Instants Video numériques et poétiques, Marseilles November 2018
The work was screened at Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille as part of the 31st episode of Les Instants Vidéo festival

Further Information:

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