About the Art Lab:

Throughout February 2017 we were based at Bradford University's Gallery II, working on the Bradford Arts Lab residency programme. We shared some of our thoughts and research here.

Between January and March 2017 Gallery II at the University of Bradford hosted the third in a series of Art Labs. Individuals and groups from a variety of disciplines were invited to use the Gallery as a space in which to share ideas; show and develop new work; host discussions, screenings and workshops; foster new collaborations; and plan long-term projects. There was a focus on interdisciplinary learning and varied approaches to research that aim to traverse boundaries between so-called 'hard' and 'social' sciences.

Each lab has a loose theme or thread that runs through the activity. For this Lab they were particularly interested in artists, musicians and creative practitioners working with technology in creative and critical ways - particularly with augmented and virtual reality, mobile devices and cyberspace - and research and practice around labour theory, alternative economies, and feminist and autonomous activity.

Further Information:

- Visit the Project Blog
- Visit the Gallery II website (updates will follow as the project develops)

About our proposed project

Art Lab Part 1: Research
Initially we will organise some public research and sharing sessions in to the histories and possible futures of automation of the workplace, with particular attention to the associated struggles and labour movements, and the prospects for our children's generation in relation to the rapidly developing fourth industrial revolution of robot technology. These sessions will be quite informal, we will be in the space with our kids aged 1 and 3 and we hope to encourage others to bring their children along to participate in a robot play session that would run concurrent to the discussion.

Art Lab Part 2: Production
In recent weeks, following a landmark legal case brought by the GMB trade union against Uber taxi firm, demanding basic employment rights such as the National Minimum Wage and holiday pay for its workers, there has been a lot of discussion about the impending displacement of professional drivers by driverless vehicles. Through the Lab we would hope to be able to develop a child-powered vehicle and interactive sound installation that will play a series of audio clips when it is in motion. We will construct the vehicle and record the audio on-site during the Art Lab.

Art Lab Part 3: Presentation
Watch this space for announcements about where the project will be shown…